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An Enduring Power of Attorney is a powerful tool that lets someone act on your behalf when you can’t. This can even include the authority to make decisions about your property and finances.

For this reason, an Enduring Power of Attorney can be an important part of your estate planning, as well as a practical way to deal with a ‘worst case scenario’.

Enduring Power of Attorney and growing older

One of the times you should always consider making an Enduring Power of Attorney is when you’re about to enter an aged care facility. In fact, most nursing homes will request a copy of one when they admit you, just so they can make sure your medical bills and other invoices will continue to be paid if something happens to you. But, if you’re growing older, there are other times you should consider an Enduring Power of Attorney too. These include:

  • If you’re having trouble organising or paying your bills, or dealing with Centrelink, DVA and other government agencies
  • If you’re suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another health complaint
  • When your home needs to be sold and you want someone you trust, such as a child, spouse or close relative, to handle the paperwork.

Other times you should speak to a lawyer about making an Enduring Power of Attorney

Even if you’re still relatively young, there are still important times when you should consider making an Enduring Power of Attorney. These include:

  • If you’re drafting a will or putting together a plan for your estate. You can read more about out Wills and Estate Planning service here.
  • If you’re diagnosed with a chronic disease, or life threatening or terminal illness
  • If you’re about to go on an overseas holiday.

We help you make an Enduring Power of Attorney on your terms

Our experienced lawyer, Susan McDonald, will draft a power of attorney that gives you the best chance of continuing to live as you want, even when someone else needs to make decisions on your behalf. She will also help you put the protections in place that will make it difficult for anyone to abuse the power you’ve given them.

After all, because an Enduring Power of Attorney grants someone control over your affairs, it’s vital that it’s only used when necessary and never placed in the wrong hands.

What does it cost?

Best of all, our advice is surprisingly reasonable. We don’t have the same overheads as many lawyers, such as multiple salaries, and we’re not part of a bigger firm with billing targets.

That means we can spend the time with you to do things properly and make sure you understand exactly what you’re doing. But it also means we don’t have to charge as much as most lawyers would to do it.

Price starting from $350. You can read more about our pricing here.

Contact us to find out more or book an appointment with Susan.

Who’s behind Wills At Your Home?

Wills At Your Home was founded by experienced solicitor, Susan McDonald. With a background in aged care and palliative care, Susan saw first hand how confusing and emotional it can be to go through the Probate process. So she started a law firm that aimed to take as much stress as possible out of this challenging time by providing affordable advice in the comfort of her clients’ homes.

You can read more about Susan’s story here.



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