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Making a legal will is something a lot of people simply never get around to doing.

Sometimes they don’t get around to it because they think they don’t own enough assets to make it worthwhile. Sometimes it’s because they’re too busy living – raising a family, earning a living and spending time on life’s challenges – to think about what will happen when they die. Sometimes it’s because they find dealing with death too uncomfortable and confronting.

And sometimes it’s because they think getting a lawyer to help them make a legal will, will be too expensive or intimidating.

You don’t have to put off making a will anymore

Wills At Your Home wants to take away all your fears about making a legal will.

Wills At Your Home was founded by experienced wills solicitor and registered nurse, Susan McDonald, to make it easy to make a will. Susan comes to your home, listens to your aims and your concerns, explores the possibilities, and then drafts a legal will that suits your circumstances and your goals.

  • Susan advises you in your own home, and comes to most suburbs in the Adelaide metropolitan area
  • You choose a time that suits, including evenings or weekends
  • Susan asks you questions and gets to know you, your family, and what you want to achieve
  • Susan answers all your questions in language you can understand
  • Susan drafts a legal will for you and forwards it to you for your approval
  • Susan returns to your home to witness and execute your will, and then stores it for safekeeping.

What does it cost to make a will?

Wills at Home makes having a tailored and effective legal will surprisingly cost effective. We don’t have the same overheads as many lawyers, and we’re not part of a bigger firm with billing targets and a number of salaries to pay.

That means you could have your own effective legal will from as little as $470. This includes two appointments in your own home, as well as all drafting, signing and even storage of your will. That means we can spend the time with you to do things properly and make sure you understand exactly what you’re doing. But it also means we don’t have to charge as much as most lawyers would to do it.

Read more about our pricing structure.

When should you make a will?

If you have property or assets of any kind, you should also have a will. If you don’t, you can never be certain that these assets go where you want them to.

However, it’s particularly important to make a will if:

  • You have a family or you’re expecting a baby
  • You’re recently married or engaged
  • You’re separated or divorced
  • You have a blended family
  • You’re terminally ill or about to undergo major surgery
  • You’re starting a new business
  • You’ve recently inherited money or property
  • You, or a loved one, are about to move into an aged care facility.

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Who’s behind Wills At Your Home?

Wills At Your Home was founded by experienced solicitor, Susan McDonald. With a background in aged care and palliative care, Susan saw first hand how confusing and emotional it can be to go through the Probate process. So she started a law firm that aimed to take as much stress as possible out of this challenging time by providing affordable advice in the comfort of her clients’ homes.

You can read more about Susan’s story here.



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